ESECO Speedmaster SM-10T

The Speedmaster® SM-10T Digital Transmission Densitometer is a portable battery powered Digital Transmission Densitometer designed to meet the need for an accurate instrument that’s affordably priced. Use to measure any NDT x-ray, medical x-ray, mammography, photographic or graphic arts film, or processor control test films. Its measuring Length (throat) is 7.25″ (18.4cm)

ESECO’s over 46 years of experience in designing and building reliable quality instruments has been applied to the SM-10T. The proprietary technology employed assures instant, accurate and repeatable results that rivals the same high standards of more expensive units. The SM-10T features low power consuming components. An extended battery life feature is provided by the automatic “stand-by” mode. For added convenience, it may be operated with the included UL/CSA-approved plug and a/c power adapter. The Speedmaster SM-10T has minimal drift, rugged durability, and total accuracy of +/- .02 from 0.00 to 5.00 Optical Density, and is compliant with ANSI Standard 5/2-1985.

With no warm up time, it provides fast dependable readings. To illuminate the reading stage, just depress and release the sensor probe. Then simply position the film to be measured over the target aperture and depress the sensor probe. The large E-Z read digital meter instantly displays the reading. It will return to the energy saving “stand-by” mode automatically.

Backed by ESECO’s established , makes the Speedmaster SM-10T the ideal cost-effective choice for film processing quality assurance.

Density Range
0-5.0 D
±0.02 D
± 0.01 D
Warm Up Time
Power Requirements
Stationary: 9V AC
Portable: (2) 9V Alkaline batteries
4.5″H / 11.4 cm
4.5″W / 11.4 cm
11.0″ L / 28.0 cm
Weight: 2.5 Lbs. / 1.2 kg
1 Year
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