NDR Products 65-C1

The NDR Products Model 65-C1 Twin Delux X-Ray Film Viewer Combines a complete viewing system featuring a 14″ x 17″ viewing screen with an additional 4″ high intensity spot illuminator. A Front mounted rocker switch allows selection of either 14″ x 17″ viewing panel or 4″ spot.


  • Variable light intensity (controlled by a variable dimmer)
  • Standard foot switch provides On / Off control of lights for easy operation
  • Easy access for maintenance and bulb replacement
  • Delron film holder for main screen
  • High-intensity spot for reading films with density of 4.0 or greater
  • All steel enclosure in a blue polyurethane enamel finish
  • Engineered lamp selection (300-watt photo copy for main viewing screen or 600-watt for high intensity spot), together with positive fan cooling.
  • Unique cooling system designed to protect valuable radiographs


Dimmer Control

Bulb Specifications:

  • The main viewing screen uses a 300W BAH Photoflood Bulb
  • The spot uses 2x ELH 300W Halogen Bulb
  • No tools are required for changing the bulbs


Viewing Window
14″ x 17″ / 356 x 432 mm
High Intensity Spot
4 inches (102 mm) diameter
Maximum Intensity (Luminance)
20,000/100,000 cd/m2
Maximum Density
3.2 D / 4.0 D (with spot)
25.3″ x 16.25″ x 15″ / 642 x 413 x 381 mm
39 lbs. / 17.7 kg
Power Requirements
115 VAC, 50 – 60Hz

Optional Accessories:

  • NDR Products Magnifier – Call for Price.
  • NDR Products Slotted Iris  – Call for Price.
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